Pedicab Advertising


Advertising with National Pedicabs leaves an impression like none other.  Our custom wraps and unique builds do more than deliver a message.  They make a statement that is one part memorable and one part remarkable!

Find out how your brand can connect with customers in a way that's more personal and fun than any other marketing experience out there.



Now we're talking cool ideas.  

We have such tremendous advertising power because National Pedicabs are a part of the very fabric of their environments.  You can't get more up close and personal than a ride in a pedicab. Now add your brand message to that experience, and – boom! – instant memorability!

Likewise, pedicabs allow you to directly connect with the age-old "best type of advertising there is": word of mouth.  We're not merely rolling billboards; our drivers can be outfitted as rolling brand ambassadors, with the ability to talk directly to your audience.

We have been grateful to work with so many outstanding clients over the years, creating so many different campaigns.  From pimped-out rides to simple branding, the possibilities for effective advertising are quite literally endless!