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Pedicab Photo Safaris

What do you get when you combine a professional photography class with a fleet of pedicabs????

A whole bunch of awesome. Through our innovative partnership with Washington Photo Safari, we've created a whole new set of ways through which you can see D.C. Experience the comfort and range of the pedicab while receiving a hands-on and in-depth class that will guarantee you beautiful photos of all the major spots. All types of cameras are welcome - smartphones, digital, and film. Selfie sticks are encouraged!

It's also great for groups.  Take a Pedicab Photo Safari and turn any ordinary family vacation, conference, school trip, or other group visit to Washington, D.C. into an awesome adventure - see all the sights, leave with great photos, and never break a sweat!


Current Safaris offered:

Cherry Blossom Photo Safari

The Safari will begin with a 25-minute orientation on travel and flower photography by E. David Luria, the instructor and director of Washington Photo Safari. A convoy of pedicabs will then pick up the entire group and ride down to Hain's Point along the Washington Channel. At several points while riding around Hain's Point the pedicabs will stop to allow the passengers to disembark and take even more photos. At each stop, Mr. Luria will offer continuing instruction and feedback on photographic techniques. The pedicabs will drop the group off by the George Mason Memorial (one of the hidden gems of the National Mall), where the safari will finish with a review of travel photography techniques. 

Reservations can be made through the Washington Photo Safari website. Book one today and get ready to learn how to take some incredible photos!

Please contact info@nationalpedicabs.com with any questions. 



Other Pedicab Photo Safaris available include:

  • War Memorials of DC
  • Undiscovered Memorials
  • Tidal Basin by Twilight
  • National Mall

To plan a Pedicab Photo Safari for your group outing, please e-mail info@nationalpedicabs.com with your group size, proposed dates, and interests.


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